ANKLE FIX System 4.0

Titanium osteosynthesis system for the tibio-talo-calcaneal fusion

Ankle Fix plates

The anatomic plate design conforms to the distal-tibia, lateral talar dome and posterior facet of the calcaneus permitting optimal fixation of angled locking screws and compression across both joints.

Different drills in the system (Ø 2.7 mm / Ø 3.5 mm) can be applied individually, according to the hardness of the bone and ensure good fixation during the insertion of the distal tibia screws in the cortical bone.
The external compression device utilizes the oval gliding hole in the plate to apply controlled, graded compression across the arthrodesis site.

Ankle Fix System 4.0

The ANKLE FIX System applies to primary or revision tibio-talar and tibio-talo-calcaneal fusion especially in the presence of osteopenic bone, hindfoot deformity and bone loss, as well as to post-traumatic surgery.


The Ankle Fix System was developed in cooperation with Dr. Mark Davies and Dr. Chris Blundell, Sheffield, UK.


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