CBS System 7.5

Cannulated Titanium Compression Screw System Ø 7,5 mm for subtalar arthrodesis

Cannulated Compression Screw 7.5

The 7,5 mm cannulated compression screw permits a stable arthrodesis of the calcaneus and the subtalar bone. Besides the screw can be used for arthrodesis of the Talo-naviculare joint and the Calcaneo-cuboidal joint, as well as for the arthrodesis of the Charcot arthropathics. Due to the large spectrum of lenghts, the cannulated compression screws offer a wide range of indications.


General Indications:

  • Arthrodesis of the subtalar joint
  • Compression Arthrodesis of the Talo-naviculare joint and the Calcaneo-cuboidal joint
  • Arthrodesis of the Charcot arthropathics
  • Revision of the pseudo arthrosis
  • Correction of wrong positioned arthrodesis
  • Surgical combination procedures with osteosynthesis titanium plates
CBS System 7.5



The Cannulated Compression Screw System was developed in cooperation with Dr. R. Springfeld and Dr. A. Sikorski.



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