CUP & CONE Click-Reamer System

Convex-concave reamer system for spheric cartilage removal of joint surface arthrodesis in foot surgery



  • MP I-fusions

Advantages & Features:

  • Easy cartilage removal
  • Precise free-hand modeling
  • Optimal preparation of joint surfaces for arthrodesis
  • Spongious spheres on both sides with identical radius offer better bone contact than straight performed arthrodesis and support the bone healing
  • Easy positioning without any need of correcting the resection levels
  • Low shortening of the first toe for the 1st MTP-fusion
  • Easy to use catch-spring system simplifies blade exchange as well as cleaning procedure
  • Color coding and easy to read marking facilitate the handling
CUP & CONE Click-Reamer System


The CUP & CONE CLICK REAMER SYSTEM was developed in cooperation with Dr. Ralph Springfeld, Hamburg and Dr. Alexander Sikorski, Rheinbach, Germany.


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