DOCPRICE® Revision Plate System 2.7 / 3.5

Titanium locking plate system for Keller-Brandes revisions

DOCPRICE Revision Plate System

General indications:

  • Keller-Brandes revisions
  • MTP I lengthening arthrodesis
  • Revisions after MTP I prosthesis
  • MT I lengthening osteotomy


The osteotomy technique of the system guarantees a stable lenghtening of the first ray with plantarisation of the distal phalanx of the great toe and regained power development of the FH-tendon over the IP-joint. Furthermore the force transmission over the first ray results in load relieving of the forefoot MTP II-IV.

DOCPRICE Revision Plates

The anatomical shape of the plate corresponds to the first ray, so that no bending of the plate is necessary.
Distally the plate is fixed with 2,7 mm titanium locking screws and proximally with 3,5 mm titanium locking screws. For additional stabilization of the fixation the plate offers offset screw holes as well as a gliding hole, allowing for a variable placement of one screw in the distal part of the plate.

The DOCPRICE Revision Plate System was developed in cooperation with Dr. Markus Preis, Wiesbaden, Germany.



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