DOCPRICE® Vario Subtalar System

Titanium screw system for the subtalar arthroereisis

Intra-operative picture - Vario Subtalar System


  • Children: Active juvenile pes valgus, conservatively non-treatable,
    with open growth plate and grow potential of 2 years
  • Adults: Additive subtalar alignment for flatfoot

Link to the surgical video


  • Expansion mechanism allows variable opening of the screw during insertion
  • Patient-specific in situ adaption
  • Easy surgical technique
  • Instruments with clear color coding simplify handling
  • Reversible expansion mechanism and special instruments allow easy explantation


The dynamic screw is available in two sizes and can be spreaded up to 3 mm.

This system was developed in cooperation with Dr. Markus Preis, Wiesbaden, Germany.


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