GRUBER Lapidus System 2.7

Titanium osteosynthesis locking plate system for the surgical correction of Hallux Valgus with dorsal plate fixation

X-ray Gruber Lapidus Plate

General Indications:

  • Hallux valgus with large intermetatarsal angle
  • Hypermobility and / or instability of the TMT I
  • Instable medial column in combination with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Arthrosis in the TMT I joint
  • Hallux valgus rheumaticus
Gruber Lapidus System

The Gruber Lapidus Plate has an anatomical locking plate design with an integrated compression hole, which allows a precise fixation of the MiniCAN 2.7 compression screw. This proximal compression screw avoids any opening of the osteotomy in the lateral part of the TMT I.

Gruber Lapidus Plates with Cannulated Compression Screw MiniCAN 2.7


The plate is particularly suitable for rheumatic patients, as they generally have a "real" instability of the TMT I joint, which can be reduced or even eliminated by the additional compression screw. Thereby the biomechanics of the foot are restored and the movement of the foot is improving. Besides the stabilization of the loaded column prevents the formation of the pes plano valgus adductus, the rheumatic flat foot.

The GRUBER Lapidus System was developed in cooperation with Dr. Alfred Gruber, Rheuma Therapie Zentrum Nürnberg, Germany.


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