MEDIALIS System 3.5

Titanium Locking Plate System for arthrodesis in rearfoot surgery, perfectly suitable for reconstruction of diabetic and neuropathic feet.

Medialis System 3.5

General indications:

  • Primary arthrodesis
  • Revision arthrodesis
  • Stabilization
  • Reconstruction
X-Ray: Medialis

The anatomical shape of the MEDIALIS locking plate corresponds to the medial arch of the foot and considers the variable bone diameters of the skeleton sector.

The special gliding holes in the plate serve as

  • viewing windows during plate fixation
  • possibility to insert screws variably
  • possibility to insert bone material

The large spectrum of plates allows a wide range of indications.

Medialis Plates


The MEDIALIS System was developed in cooperation with Dr. R. Springfeld and Dr. A. Sikorski.


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