Malleolus Plate System 3.5

Malleolus Plates

Titanium Locking Plate System for the reconstruction of distal malleolus fractures of the fibula.


  • distal, lateral fractures of the malleolus bone, Typ B/C
Malleolus Plate System 3.5

The anatomical plate shape guarantees optimal bone contact, without post-bending of the plate necessary. The low profile design (1.8 mm) avoids soft tissue irritations as well as the weakening of the bone.
The plate can be fixated with standard and locking screws Ø 3.5 mm and due to the biocompatibility of the titanium material no plate removal is necessary.
After the operation immediate partial weight bearing is possible and only after a few days full weight can be placed on the foot again.


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