NEUMANN Wrist Arthrodesis System 2.0 / 2.7

Titanium osteosynthesis locking plate system for radio-carpal wrist arthrodesis

General indications:

  • Radio-carpal arthrosis
  • Arthrodesis in defect situations
  • Rheumatic destruction of carpus
Neumann wrist arthrodesis system 2.0 / 2.7

The titanium arthrodesis plates can be fixated angle-stably in all anatomic situations, thus enabling the variable fixation of radius, carpus and metacarpale. Besides, the insertion of the plate protects the metacarpal, reduces soft tissue trauma and allows free finger movement directly after surgery.


Neumann wrist arthrodesis plates

The NEUMANN Wrist Arthrodesis System was developed in cooperation with Dr. Axel Neumann, München, Germany.


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