Titanium locking screw / standard screw 2.7

Modular Titanium Fixation System, consisting of 2,7 mm Titanium locking bone screws and Titanium standard bone screws, is used for the fixation of arthrodesis and osteotomies

Titanium Mini Staple, straight

Titanium Mini Staples

Different styles, straight and angled, ideal for fixation of Akin osteotomies

>> Link to the surgical video Akin Osteotomy

Click-off Compression Screw

Click-off Compression Screws 2.0
Compression Screws for rapid fixation of osteotomies, especially the Weil Osteotomy with an easy twist off System, which permits an unproblematic placement and releasement.
>> The reduced diameter of the shaft end of the click-off screw (1,6 mm) allows easy screw application with guide wire drive and saves time in surgery <<


CBS Compression Bone Screw System 3.2 / 3.9

CBS Compression Bone Screw Systems 3.2 / 3.9
The CBS Titanium Compression Bone Screw System is used especially for fixation of small intra-articular bone segments and is applicable for universal usage in Forefoot Surgery. We offer two different sizes of the double-threaded CBS Screws: ''CBS Micro Compression'' and ''CBS High Compression''.


Open-Wedge Plate

B.O.W. Open-Wedge Plates
Titanium plates with stem (0 - 8 mm) for base osteotomies, perfectly suitable for fixation of open-wedge osteotomies. The different stem widths allow for a precise correction of the intermetatarsal angle and the flat and slim design of the plates offers optimal stability and perfectly fits to the anatomical structure.


Universal Plate

UPS Universal Plates
Universal 4-hole titanium plates to stabilize a variety of arthrodesis and osteotomies in forefoot surgery. This multifunctional titanium plates are useful for base osteotomies, e.g. Closed-Wedge, Open-Wedge and Crescentic. This rigid plate is also suitable for Lisfranc fusions, MPJ fusions or revisions of non-unions.


MP-Joint Plate

MP-Joint Fusion Plates
Plates for stabilization of MP-Joint arthrodesis. This stabilization plate is designed for interposition-arthrodesis at the MP-Joint and for revisions using bone grafts (e.g. Keller-Brandes). The center holes facilitate bone graft fixation.


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