Titanium locking bone screw / standard bone screw 3.5

Modular Titanium Fixation System, consisting of 3,5 mm titanium locking bone screws and titanium standard bone screws for fixation of arthrodesis and osteotomies

Lapidus Plate

Lapidus Plates
Titanium plates with 7 different steps ensuring high stability and an exact adjustment of the arthrodesis. The Lapidus Plate is used mainly for the arthrodesis of TMT I joint as well as for other arthrodesis, osteotomies at MT I, Charcot and instabilities of the Lisfranc area.


Interpositioning Arthrodesis Plate

Interpositioning Arthrodesis Plates
Titanium plates with different stems (0 - 8 mm) for interpositioning arthrodesis at the rearfoot. Interpositioning plates are recommended for lengthening of the medial columns during intratarsal arthrodesis, such as talo-navicular TN arthrodesis, CC and NC arthrodesis, as well as for Evans and triple osteotomie. Different stem widths make an exact arthrodesis easier.


Universal Plate 3.5

Universal Plates
Universal 4-hole plates for stabilization of many arthrodesis and osteotomies. This multifunctional plate is mainly used for Lisfranc- and isolated tarsal fusions such as CC, NC and TN, base osteotomies like Closing-Wedge, Open-Wedge (e.g. Evans), Crescentic, Interpositioning arthrodesis and MP-joint Fusion.


Rearfoot Reconstruction Plate

Rearfoot Reconstruction Plates
Multi-hole plates for complex reconstructions and arthrodesis in rearfoot surgery. These plates are specially designed for stabilization of the medial and lateral columns from the talus to the metatarsals (e.g. flatfoot, Charcot).


Flatline Arthrodesis Plate

Flatline Arthrodesis Plates       
Flat and stable arthrodesis plates for the lower ankle joint. The plates are available in 3 different lengths and are designed for isolated subtalar fusions, CC- and Lisfranc-Arthrodesis between the individual cuneiformia. Optimal strength and stability are provided by the flat profile and 2mm plate thickness.


Calcaneus Plate

Calcaneus Plates
Universal, malleable plates for different calcaneus fractures. The reduced plate thickness allows for exact modeling and adaption of the plate to the calcaneus fragments. The plate allows the transfixation of Calcaneus-Cuboid-Joint and can be used for left and right side.


Dwyer - Calcaneus Displacement Plate

Calcaneus Displacement Plate "Dwyer"
Plates in step-design to stabilze medial displacement-osteotomies of the calcaneal bone. The step-design allows for precise positioning and fixation of the distal fragments at different displacement osteotomies of the calcaneus. The plate accepts locking screws, as well as standard screws.

Fibula Plate

Fibula Plate
The titanium plate allows a stable fixation of distal, lateral fractures of the malleolus bone. The anatomical plate shape guarantees optimal bone contact and avoids not only the weakening of the bone, but also soft tissue irritations.
The Fibula Plate is available separately in the NORMED Rearfoot System 3.5 and also as a set in the Malleolus Plate System 3.5.


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