Plantar Lapidus System 2.7 / 3.5

The titanium locking plate and screw fixation system for the plantar Lapidus arthrodesis

Plantar Lapidus Plate System

General indications:

  • Correction of relapsed Hallux valgus
  • Arthrosis in the metatarso cuneiform I joint
  • Long metatarsal I
  • Rheumatoid foot
  • Diabetic foot with instable medial column

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Plantar Lapidus Plates with Cannulated Compression Screw MiniCAN 3.5

The anatomically pre-shaped plate design with a bending of 3 mm, 5 mm or 8 mm enables an optimum implant selection. The transversally inserted cannulated compression screw MiniCAN 3.5 supports the rotation stabilization and provides for an angle-stable fixation and a high rotation stability of the Lapidus arthrodesis.

X-Ray Plantar Lapidus Plate


Compared to dorsal plate fixation, the advantage of the plantar plate fixation lies in the absence of the plantar shifting of the arthrodesis under weight bearing. As a result of the tension banding effect of the plate, additional weight bearing leads to increased pressure in the arthrodesis, which optimizes the bone healing and therefore allows an early partial and full weight bearing.

The Plantar Lapidus System was developed in cooperation with Dr. Bernhard Weber, Volkach, Germany.


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