TARSAL WEB FIX System 2.7 / 3.5

Titanium locking plate system for multiple arthrodesis of the midfoot

X-rays by courtesy of Dr. Mark Davies & Dr. Chris Blundell, Sheffield, UK.


  • Arthrodesis of any combination of talus, navicular, cuneiforme and metatarsal I-III
  • In trauma-reduction / arthrodesis of dislocated fractures of the midfoot
Tarsal Web Fix Plates

The anatomical design with locking plate technology allows the triangular fixation and is easily modified to suit individual patient requirements. For increased stability of the arthrodesis, the screw holes for the navicular fixation are modified to 3.5 mm screw system. Furthermore the plate can be customized to any midfoot combination arthrodesis by removing unwanted screw holes and tabs from the plate.

The Tarsal Web Fix System was developed in cooperation with Dr. Mark Davies & Dr. Chris Blundell, Sheffield, UK.



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