TARSALIS System 2.7

Titanium Locking Plate System for Lisfranc arthrodesis and Metatarsal fractures.

Tarsalis System 2.7

The TARSALIS System was developed for internal fixation of the midfoot. The locking plates allow not only for realization of Primary, Revision and Lisfranc arthrodesis, but also for optimum stabilization of metatarsal fractures.
The large spectrum of plates provides a wide range of indications.

Tarsalis OR-Picture


  • Arthrodesis of first MPJ
  • Revision arthrodesis of the MPJ
  • Iliac crest interposition arthrodesis of first toe
  • Axial corrections and metatarsal shortening
  • Linsfranc arthrodesis
  • ORIF in trauma cases
Tarsalis Plates



The TARSALIS System was developed in cooperation with Dr. R. Springfeld and Dr. A. Sikorski.


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