TOTALFIX System 2.7 / 3.5


Titanium locking plate and screw fixation system for the medial-plantar Lapidus arthrodesis

The Totalfix titanium plate allows a high fixation force on a small area and due to its anatomic shape the plate does not interfere with the positioning of the tibialis anterior tendon.

Totalfix OR-Picture

General indications:

The Lapidus arthrodesis technique corrects the intermetatarsal angle of the TMT-I joint. Compared to previous hallux valgus operation techniques the implantation of the angle-stable Totalfix-Plate from the medial-plantar side makes a crucial difference. The arthrodesis is correctly tensioned by biomechanical means along the lines of a tension band, i.e. when the patient applies partial load after the operation, he compresses the arthrodesis and improves the bone building process.

Totalfix Titanium Plates with Cannulated Compression Screw MiniCAN 3.5

The central arrow cavities on the plates permit a good and central positioning of the plate on the arthrodesis without the need of intra operative x-ray monitoring.

The cannulated compression screw MiniCAN 3.5 leads to an additional compression of the arthrodesis.

The TOTALFIX System for the Lapidus arthrodesis was developed in cooperation with Dr. Alexander Sikorski, Rheinbach, Germany and Dr. Ralph Springfeld, Hamburg, Germany.


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