NORMED Titanium Osteosynthesis Systems - Upper Extremities

The NORMED Titanium Osteosynthesis Systems feature various modular components which include all indications for osteosynthesis in the area of the hand´s small fragments. Each single system offers a variety of possibilities for the user. The wide selection of implants, instruments, and accessories, as well as organizer trays for storage and sterilization, are clearly arranged and packaged in a streamlined system. The defined color coding system provides easy identification and storage of implants, drill bits and tools.


Hand Systems 1.2 / 1.7 / 2.3 / 2.7


CBS - Titanium Compression Screw System 3.2 / 3.9





    NEUMANN Wrist Arthrodesis System 2.0 / 2.7







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