V-TEK® Dynamic Screw Fixation System

V-Tek Screw

V-TEK® Standard Screw

Cannulated slanted screw for dynamic fixation

In Forefoot Surgery, this specialized screw combines the advantages of the K-wire fixation with the advantages of internal fixation. As with the K-wire, a very slanted insertion is possible. Since the screw head is relatively small and cone-shaped, the screw can be embedded deeply into the bone, preventing from soft tissue irritations. The dynamic compression screw has a particularly beneficial effect, since the distal fragment can be reset under load. Plus, should an area of resorption occure during osteotomy, it would contribute to faster bone healing, thereby making immediate load possible. The V-TEK® Standard Screw has got a wide area of indication and can be used for a variety of osteotomies (e.g. Akin, Austin-Chevron, bunions and metatarsal corrections).


V-TEK Micro Screw

V-TEK® Micro Screw

Micro Compression Screw for the dynamic fixation of small bones

The V-TEK® Micro Screw offers the same advantages as the regular V-TEK® Standard Screw, but is not cannulated and suitable for even smaller bones. The V-TEK® Micro Screw can be used for hammer toe corrections, metatarsal osteotomies and, in very delicate bone cases, for all other osteotomies as well.


Links to the surgical videos about V-TEK Micro Screw

V-TEK Interference Screw

V-TEK® Interference Screw 4.5

Small interference screw with blunt thread for the transfer of the adductor tendon

The small interference screw with blunt thread but without head was especially developed for the displacement of the adductor tendon or other small tendons. Therefore the tendon is inserted into the subscripted canal and fixated with the V-TEK® Interference Screw. The blunt thread permits an optimal fixation without leading to irritations of the soft tissue.  The easy handling and technique allows working rapidly and cleanly.


Links to the surgical videos about V-TEK Interference Screw

V-TEK Akin Osteotomy Saw Guide

V-TEK®  Akin Osteotomy Saw Guide

The adjustable saw guide has especially been developed for the needs of the v-shaped Akin osteotomy. The angle guide can be adjusted easily according to the deformation and be fixed with K-Wires. The osteotomy wires are placed along the saw guide and facilitate performance of the osteotomy, after removing the saw guide. This provides a safe cutting of the wedge and prevents from wrong cuts.


V-TEK Hammer Toe Osteotomy Saw Guide

V-TEK® Hammer Toe Osteotomy Saw Guide 45° / 50°

The trochlear autopsy within the limits of the hammer toe osteotomy is an appreciated but often problematic operation method. For this reason two osteotomy saw guides have been developed which, in combination with the dynamic V-TEK® Fixation Screw, demonstrate a very good alternative to the Weil Osteotomy.


V-TEK DMO - Distal Metatarsal Osteotomy Saw Guide

V-TEK® DMO - Distal Metatarsal Osteotomy Saw Guides

Through the application of the DMO-Saw Guides a precise, plannable shortening osteotomy between 0 and 7mm can be realized. The extraarticular osteotomy avoids cutting into any healthy cartilage, preserves the metatarsal head and prevents the MTP-joint from arthrodesis. Furthermore the danger of suffering an arthrosis is minimized.


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