V-TEK® IVP System 2.7 / 3.5

V-TEK IVP Plates


Titanium Intramedular locking plate system for the correction of
all hallux valgus deformities and tailors bunion




V-TEK IVP L 2.7 mm

Hallux valgus (hallux valgus limitus and rigidus), IM-angle up to 15° with offset plates

V-TEK IVP 3.5 mm

 Hallux valgus with stable TMT I joint, IM-angle between 14 - 20°


V-TEK IVP 2.7 / 3.5 mm

For severe hallux valgus with instable TMT I joint and IM-angle > 18°


V-TEK IVP Micro XS 2.7 mm

Tailors bunion


Advantages of the V-TEK® IVP-System

  • Correction of all hallux valgus deformities from 10° - 22°
  • Plates with different offset sizes allow a larger displacement of the metatarsals
  • 4 degrees of correction: lateralization, plantarization, derotization and contra rotation to improve the PASA angle
  • The 5-step-fixation-technique facilitates the plate placement on the bone and provides a precise positioning
  • The design of the plates and the intramedular fixation provide a three-dimensional, very stable reposition of the first ray, without danger of shortening or elevation
  • Immediate weight bearing possible
  • No soft tissue irritations due to the plate being collocated inside the bone



If you would like to receive further information about V-TEK® OR-Techniques, please order our V-TEK® DVD sending a mail to info[at]normed-online.com.


The V-TEK IVP System 2.7 / 3.5 was developed in cooperation with Prim. Dr. Michael Vitek, Center for ambulant surgery, Vienna.





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