V-TEK® Systems - New Techniques and Implants for Foot Surgery

The V-TEK® Systems were developed in cooperation with Prof. (IMU) Dr. M. Vitek from the Center of Ambulant Foot Surgery in Vienna. Objective of the cooperation is the developing of new techniques and implants, which form innovative alternatives to existing operation techniques. The new V-Tek systems offer the ideal solution for complete Forefoot and Hallux-Valgus Surgery.


V-TEK® Dynamic Screw Fixation System

V-TEK® Dynamisches Schraubenfixationssystem

V-TEK® combined Screw and Saw Guide System for dynamic fixation in Forefoot Surgery

V-TEK® IVP System 2.7 / 3.5

V-TEK® IVP System 2.7 / 3.5

V-TEK® Intramedular locking plates for the correction of all hallux valgus deformities


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